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Aravind Ganesan <aravindm1...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Being software architecture class,
> I have to get some diagrams of the prescriptive architecture and
> analyse how it has digressed ( or maybe has remained the same ). This
> is part of my academic project.
> Now, I am searching for the Git original ( or at least some earlier
> versions ) architecture.
> It would be really helpful if you could suggest references.

Uh... Clone the Git repository and study the contents of the first few

Otherwise I'm not exactly sure your approach is feasible in practice:
software gems like Git aren't usually created by writing design
documents and drawing UML diagrams etc up front.
Rather, they are thought out and then written and re-written multiple
times in quick succession to see how it all plays out.  Then shared with
everyone else, then studied by interested developers and improved.
Studies of the product's architectures come later, when the bulk of the
work is done, and are performed by other people -- not related to the
development itself.

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