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vijay...@dssd.com wrote:

> I am very new to git; This question may have been asked before, if
> so, sorry to post it again..\
> - Given a git commit, how to get all information about that commit,
> like who made that commit; author details; time of commit etc

All this information is available via the properties of the Commit
object [1, 2].

> - How to get all the commits done in past half hour or 1 hour time..


On how to specify the range of commits, read the gitrevisions(7) manual
page (run `git help revisions`).  I'd say you would need something like
"HEAD@{30 minutes ago}" and "HEAD@{1 hour ago}".

> I am using git-python api to connect to the Git repository and get
> the info... any suggestion or pointer on how to proceed.

Did you really try to perform at least some minimal research on your
topic before asking?  I have rather minimal experience with Python and
zero experience with git-python, and still finding the docs for it and
reading them took some 5 minutes of my time.

2. http://gitpython.readthedocs.org/en/stable/tutorial.html#the-commit-object
3. http://gitpython.readthedocs.org/en/stable/reference.html#module-git.repo.fun

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