On Fri, Oct 23, 2015 at 12:31:11AM -0700, Que Trac wrote:
> I am going to build the binary and do all the testings at NAS, so the main 
> development will be done there (Makefile, source codes, and binaries). I 
> will use central repo for it to be pushed to, so I can do coding on other 
> platform (i.e. Windows). The suggested alternative works before since I 
> need to use it as a central repo, but now that I have moved the central 
> repo to another server and the source codes are needed on the platform for 
> it to be compiled. I don't know how I can achieve that without having git 
> installed and working properly.

1. Mount the NAS on a system that has a working git
2. Clone the repo onto the mounted FS
3. Log in to NAS and do your building
4. Check in changes from system with working git
5. Rinse and repeat...

Not convenient, but depending on how much development work you need to
do it might be doable.


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