Hi Team,

Sandeep here, we are using HG Mercurial for the some of our live 
project(s), But now as per the management requirement we need to migrate 
the entire structure as it is to Git.

Meanwhile me and my team tried to achieve the same but due to the complex 
structure of the repositories unable to achieve the same.


Requirement *:* suppose we are having some past pushes for code (before 
migration) in main and dependent projects in single change set(Main 
repository and its sub repository),

now after migrating to git, we would like to check out(update to) previous 
version/change set which was pushed in HG. 

And now when we tried to check out/update in main projects, logically 
dependent *project(s)/Repos should get check out/Update to the specific 

But unfortunately it is not happening as expected, 


It would be a great help and well appreciated , if anyone could help in 


Thanks in Advance,

*Sandeep Maher*


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