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> I have this case:
> a. I develop a html file in several days with daily commit
> b. some weeks after I noticed that I lost part of the code
> c. I located a code 3 commits ago.
> then How I can fetch from the remote repository the html file as was
> 3 commit before ? (the whole file)


  $ git show HEAD~3:path/to/that/file.html >localfile.html

This command:

1) Reads a commit which is the grand-grand-parent of the HEAD commit.
2) Extracts the contents of the file located at
   "path/to/that/file.html" in that commit and prints it to the standard
3) Since you want to actually save that contents, you use the shell
   stream redirection ">" to redirect the standard output of the `git`
   program to a file "localfile.html".

To solidify this knowledge, consider now reading the manual page
of the `git show` command and the `gitrevisions(7)` manual page which
will explain what "<revision>~N" means and which other nifty forms of
referring to revisions exist.  To read those manual pages, you can
run `git help show` and `git help revisions`.

As a last note, if you want to just *overwrite* your current HTML file
with its contents as recorded in that HEAD~3 commit, you can save typing
and use

  $ git checkout HEAD~3 path/to/local/file.html

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