I did a 

1) git clone 
2) git branch -b B1
3) git checkout B1
4) made few changes to file a, b, c,d
5) git commit -a 
6) git review.(submitted to gerrit)

Got some review commentsfor file b,c
i want to make changes to files b,c

1) git checkout B1
2) made changes to b,c
3) git status shows changed files as b,c only.

before commiting i want to update the B1 with latest 

what command should i use so that..
i get latest version of files a,b,c,d and i do not lose my changes.

i tried 

1) git stash ..
2) git checkout filename
3) git stash pop

is this a right way ?
My doubt is .. if i do git stash .. what will it stash .. 
either only latest changes of files b,c or all changes of files a,b,c,d???

Please guide.

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