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> I've been using git-new-workdir and am finding it very useful, but am
> finding one problem. How do I update a working directory created with
> git-new-workdir if the branch it is one is changed in the main
> directory.
> For example, say I have:
> ~/src/my-repo
> ~/src/my-repo-branch/master
> ~/src/my-repo-branch/feature-branch
> where "master" and "feature-branch" are git-new-workdir'd branches
> pointing to ~/src/my-repo. Now I pull to "~/src/my-repo" so it updates
> say master (or feature-branch). In ~/src/my-repo-branch/master running
> git log will show the latest commits to master, but the working
> directory will be out of date.
> Is it possible to get this workdir up to date?

Yes, there are several.

The basic thing to understand is that `git-new-workdir` creates a
separate HEAD ref in the new work tree's .git directory.
Now recall how the whole thing works.  If the HEAD in the original work
tree is not detached (true in most cases) then it's a symbolic ref
meaning it does point to a named branch rather than directly to a
commit (using its SHA-1 name).  Say, if you have the branch "master"
checked out, HEAD contains the name of that branch.

So, what then happens when you commit in your original work tree
or perform `git pull` which updates the same branch?  Among other
things, the contents of the index and the work tree itself are updated.
That is, the branch pointer points to that new commit, the index
contains its contents and the work tree mirrors that.

The difference with your other work tree having that branch checked out
is that while the HEAD still points to the same branch, the branch
pointer points to the new commit but the index and the work tree
contain the stale data.

So, the first thing to consider is doing `git reset --mixed` or
`git reset --hard` BUT MAKE SURE first that you understand the
implications of "--hard".

The second thing to consider is the sequence of `git read-tree HEAD`
and `git checkout-index`.

Consider reading [1] to get full understanding of how the data pointed
to by HEAD, contained in the index and in the work tree relate to each

1. https://git-scm.com/blog/2011/07/11/reset.html

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