In go project, there is a builtin command name "go get"
which will trigger "git clone" or "git pull".

createCmd: []string{"clone {repo} {dir}", "--git-dir={dir}/.git submodule 
update --init --recursive"},
downloadCmd: []string{"pull --ff-only", "submodule update --init 

It's unwise to clone the whole repository just for Go projects compile with 
source code on master.
Therefor I raise a proposal for --depth args 
cmd/go: use shallow clones for new git checkouts 
but, Russ (go project maintainer) says @

Does this *reshorten* the history after the pull? I can see this might 
> really frustrate people who checked out into $GOPATH themselves with full 
> history and then just ran 'go get -u' to update it and got a truncated 
> history. Maybe the --depth=1 should only be on clone?

Another possible problem with this CL is that 'go get' expects to be able 
> to look at the tags in the repo and possibly select a different version of 
> the code. It's not clear to me that 'go get' has all the information it 
> needs if only a shallow clone is done. 

I'm wondering about is there a proper way for golang project to min 
download size ?

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