>>>>> mike <mikaelpetterson-pkbjnfxxiarbdgjk7y7...@public.gmane.org>:

> I have had a branch, feature_xyz, for a long time ( yes I know I should not 
> but it was not my call). Problem is I have not updated it with changes from 
> master. So I started to do a regular rebase ( i want to keep history):

> git fetch origin master
> git rebase origin/master

> After a while with conflicting patches (over 30...) I guess that there must 
> be an easier way to do this,

> So anyone out there with an better idea I am open to new ideas. What do you 
> suggest?

git checkout feature_xyz
git fetch
git merge origin/master

No history will be lost with this.  feature_xyz will get a new commit
from the merge operation, but that commit will create no problem when
feature_xyz later is merged into master.

Ie. what you have before the merge is this:

 feature_xyz --o--o--o--o--

 orgigin/master --o--o--o--o

What you have after the merge, is this:

 feature_xyz --o--o--o--o----o 
 origin/master --o--o--o--o

What you have after origin/master has more commits is something like this:

 feature_xyz --o--o--o--o----o 
 origin/master --o--o--o--o--o--o--o

What you have after feature_xyz gets even more commits, is something like this:

 feature_xyz --o--o--o--o----o--o--o
 origin/master --o--o--o--o--o--o--o

If you decide that now is the time to take feature_xyz into master you
will merge it in, using:
 git checkout master
 git pull
 git merge feature_xyz
 git push

At this point the branches will look like this:

 feature_xyz --o--o--o--o----o--o--o
                            /       \
 origin/master --o--o--o--o--o--o--o-o

(ie. there will be a new commit for the merge on master and master will
now contain both its own history prior to the merge, as well as the full
history of feature_xyz.  The final "git push" syncs origin/master with
master followin a successfull update of the remote))

Note that when using merge, you can actually continue working on
feature_xyz and make more merges from feature_xyz into master.

(If you use rebasing you have to be more careful about reusing the

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