good morning guys

I have a repository of a server with problem that it was not possible to 
clone the repositories it to the new server GIT, so I copied the 
application via USB stick to the new server

after installing GIT I did the following
I created directory /var/git/project.git where are the directories of the 
old GIT
HEAD branches description hooks info objects refs config index logs 

and I run the command
/var/git/project.git$ init --shared --bare
Initialized shared Git repository in... /var/git/projeto.git

inside of /usr / share / www / html / where this application I run the 
/usr / share / www / html/$ git add --all

when the files charged to monitor, however when I alter anything remotely 
with git commit, git pull etc,, did not alter the original file of 

inside of /var/git/ I did alter the script to play the 
changes up with the pull to the right location / usr / share / www / html

which can be .. someone could tell me?

thank you

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