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Kurt Vermeiren <k...@kuveco.com> wrote:

> I would agree with Matthew on this. I understand the rationale to not
> show the files because of the possible very big directories... but
> the documentation clearly states "directories and files"

I don't.  Not quite; here's my line of reasoning.

Let's cite the doc again:

|     ·   no - Show no untracked files. 
|     ·   normal - Shows untracked files and directories. 
|     ·   all - Also shows individual files in untracked 
|           directories. 

While the formulation of the "normal" mode considered alone is indeed
open to interpretation ("what does «and directories» *really* stand
for?"), with the "all" mode thrown in, the picture is clear: if the
"all" mode «Also shows individual files in untracked directories» then
the other modes don't.

On the other hand, that's my interpretation.
If two other folks pereceive the doc the other way and get confused
this well might indicate the problem with the doc.
I'd suggest posting a dried out summary of our discussion on the main
Git list [1] and suggest a documentation update.

1. https://gist.github.com/tfnico/4441562

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