deni rachmadi writes:

> we are one team of php proggrammer and now we decided to choose git as
> source control for our future workflow. basically our current workflow
> is work and test locally and then upload it to production app (windows
> server,Iis).
> What we have now is : 1. client NoteBooks. (our local working
> directory) 2. windows server ( where iis web app and remote repository
> reside).
> we have setting our server machine with scm-manager for collaborate
> progress. how do we syncing the files from our remote repository to
> our production app folder in iis ?
> so if we doing our git push to remote repo its naturally applicable to
> our iis web application.

You look for a tool to help with deployment.  Git is for version
control; it's not a deployment tool!

That said, quite a lot of people are using git for deployment, I'm sure
you can find inspiration here ;)


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