I'm researching whether or not any companies or developers that use Git 
would be interested in a service that helped with copyright registration of 
source code.  

Registration gives you the ability to sue if someone violates your chosen 
license and provides additional remedies.  Even if you never want to be in 
a lawsuit, registration could make it easier to get someone to stop 
infringing and comply with license conditions because they will realize 
there could be consequences to their failure to comply.  See  
http://fairuse.stanford.edu/overview/faqs/software/.  You can do it 
yourself, but it can be painful and tedious.  

1) If you are already registering your code, how are you doing it and how 
much does it cost you?  

2) Whether or not you currently register your source code with the 
copyright office, would you use a service integrated with GitHub or 
Bitbucket that made it very easy?  If so, would you pay for the service 
(assuming it was guaranteed and legitimate)?

3) Would open source developers/projects/foundations be interested or would 
this only be useful for proprietary code?  

Thanks very much.

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