A related question.  As I said in my first post, I am working my way 
through the Lynda beginning GIT videos.  Just finished the part where it 
says that you can show the branch in the prompt.  On Windows, they gave a 
Bash example.  Nowhere could I find a way to do this on Windows using 'GIT 
CMD', (as I am not using Bash). It appears that this cannot be done.  
Anyway, I got to thinking about the fact that you have to begin every GIT 
command (GIT CMD, or Bash), with 'git', and I was wondering if I could just 
open a Windows cmd window (not use the 'GIT CMD' shortcut), and if GIT 
would work. and the answer is yes (as long as I start each command with 
'git'.  So my question here is, is the 'GIT CMD' shortcut just opening a 
Windows cmd window, or, is this 'GIT CMD' shortcut actually doing something 
with\enabling some with, etc., etc...GIT?

On Wednesday, December 23, 2015 at 1:03:49 PM UTC-5, Lou Elston wrote:

> I am a Windows user.  I do not know BASH, so I am using GIT-CMD, and am 
> working my way through the LinkedIn\Lynda, GIT Beginners course.  Why (it 
> does not happen every single time), do I have to do a Cntrl\C to get the 
> prompt back (it appears to be hanging\waiting for something)?
> Also, is there any kind of test, exam, or certification for GIT?  
> Something to show that I know the basics, that I can show, and\or use to 
> get ready for an interview?

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