Ben Rubinger writes:

> Hi Steve,
> Thanks for your reply. Your input is helpful. I've spent the past five
> days reading through this book:
> My hesitancy around rebasing was around the fact that (if I understood
> correctly) all rebased checkins are deltas, having different hashes
> from their original with the implication that if others have checked
> out your branch, they will feel pain after you perform a rebase. I'm
> not sure if I captured this correctly, but in general it seemed like
> rebasing can be inconsiderate to others with whom you're working. What
> advice do you give to people you're training around this? And, if
> rebasing does introduce certain risks, is merging possible while
> avoiding polluted PRs?

Your intuition is completely correct, rebasing *is* inconsiderate to
your collaborators.  Personally I deal with it like this:

1. If possible I do not publish things that I know I'll have to rebase
later on.  Of course that's rather rarely possible :(

2. I've chosen a prefix for published branches that may be rebased,
"devo/".  I then make sure to communicate to the rest of the team that
it's not safe to base any work on branches named liked that.

3. Finally I try to keep my "devo/" branches as short-lived as possible.

I'd love to hearother people's strategies.


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