I've never used git,
and I want to install it on my CentOS home server,
to use with a personal project in LaTeX.
Up to now I have simply kept versions of the project
as project-20151213.tex and so on.

My intention (or hope) is that I will be able to access the project
on my Fedora laptop, edit it there and save the new version on the server.

I've looked briefly at a few online tutorials,
but have not found anything very helpful.
I don't want to use some other related program git-*
unless that is really necessary.

Here are a couple of questions that I have:
Is there any standard or semi-standard location for git on a server?
Am I right in thinking I have a base directory .../git/
and a subdirectory of this for each project?
I take it I can then clone the project to anywhere I choose
on my laptop-client?

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