Hi guys,

Like many of you I'm putty more and more precious things like photos into 
git for safekeeping. However the problem I have is how to sync it to a 
couple of remotes in a straightforward manner.

Also I would like to "fsck" the remotes to make sure the remotes are not 
somehow corrupted.

Ideally I would like to backup straight to S3 but this is a little clumsy 
with http://dabase.com/e/14002/
* I don't want to run commands manually
* I don't want to trump what's there in case my source is corrupted

So I guess I am looking for more end points to push my git repo to. They 
can be public. Any suggestions? Please let me know.

I'm aware of https://git-annex.branchable.com/ but I don't like how it 
mangles my filenames and such.

Kind regards,

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