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GaryP <gary.pa...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a local git repository.  I also have a bare repository on
> another machine for security.  No one other than me uses either.
> For various reasons, I need to attach the work I've done in this
> local git repo onto an existing (remote) svn repository.  My entire
> working tree will hang on the svn tree as a new directory.
> When I've done that, I'll need to keep the svn repo updated with with
> the work I continue to do on my local git repository.  I assume that
> this part will simply be "git svn rebase" and "git svn dcommit", etc.
> How can I move the contents of my git repo and its history to an svn 
> directory?

I suspect you have to do this backwards.

The "problem" is that `git svn` shim (note that Git itself does not
have the `svn` subcommand; it's implemented by a special program)
requires special preparations in order to work with the tagret
Subversion repository.  This means bringing the history of that
repository down -- converting it to a graph or Git commits, and creating
special local configuration entries.

So I'd roll it this way:

1) Prepare your Git repository to work with your Subversion repository.

2) Just `git svn dcommit` your pile of changes to whatever branch you
   want them to appear on.

The first step might require a set of tries until you get it absolutely
correct so I'd recomment to train on empty from-scratch repos first.

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