My use case:

I have 2 servers installed.
1) LOCAL (virtual Debian server on my development computer), for
development & testing (No repo, it is just a deployment target of
local/master branch).
2) LIVE (Debian server), the production website (Also stores the
central bare Git repo).

Branches on Local:
- local/master (Deploys the local/master branch content by pushing
commits to local testing site directory. Merging to live/master, when
- local/dev (Deploys the local/dev branch content by pushing commits
to local testing & actual development site directory. Merging to
local/master, when needed.)
- other feature or hotfix development branches

Branches on Live:
- live/master (Deploys the live/master branch content by pushing
commits to the production site directory)
- live/dev (No deployment. Merging to live/master, when needed. This
branch would theoritically not needed, but sometimes I need to make
some quick changes, while the Local server is not available.)

Live server always needs to show the latest stable version of the development.

I would like to copy the last few commits of the live/dev to local/dev
to have all changes in sync.
This is the reason of my question.

Maybe cherry pick or rebase is the solution I need.

Best regards,

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