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Aaron Maurer <aar...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I am brand new to Git. I am an educator who is trying to help
> students learn coding of their own websites. We are doing a Choose to
> Code challenge that requires the use of Git and Visual Studio Code.
> Some of my students are using Macs and when we get to the point to
> use Git we are getting the following message
> /usr/bin/git to /usr/bin/git-system: Operation not permitted
> Is there a way around this? They are doing work from home so I want
> to be careful not to ruin their computers, but they are stuck at this
> point and not able to move forward.

Please elaborate on the "get to the point to use Git".

You present the error message but omit the action which produces it.
The error message itself lacks enough hints about its context.

For instance, to me, it looks like an attempt to create a so-called
filesystem link /usr/bin/git pointing to (hence "to" in the error
message) /usr/bin/git-system while working with a normal, non-admin,
user's credentials, and non-admins do not have write permissions on
the /usr/bin directory which contains "system" files which are not to
be modified by users.

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