Dear list,

I’m a git newbie and I wanted to stash a git repository containing text
files. There were some uncommited changes in some files.

I stashed with "git stash".

I corrected the two typos, committed with "git commit -p" and pushed
changes to GitHub with "git push origin master".

Since this was my first stash, I dropped the stash without having
applied it first (I didn’t know that I had to apply it).

I checked out ("git checkout") and I don’t have my uncommited changes
back. (I went into kernel-panic mode ;-).)

How can I apply the dropped commit and get the repo as it was before the

The list is the following:

$ git stash list
stash@{0}: WIP on master: ec7ebb0 added class signature-author added
class none to description list
$ git stash drop
Dropped refs/stash@{0} (7113eadaa3750ab12db0652e139d37f01700d71d)

Searching for a solution, I found

The above source isn’t perfectly clear to me. Is the following command
the right way to recover the repo status previous to stash?

   git stash apply 7113eadaa3750ab12db0652e139d37f01700d71d

Many thanks for your help,


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