Hello Gitters, this is a pretty simple question but just wanted to clarify,

Im building some workflow to build a NGINX web server using Puppet, that 
uses a 'index.html' page located on a github .git repo

my local laptop has this .git as a remote and pulls in the index.html to 
build the Nginx web server. Im pulling the index.html file first locally to 
my Puppet Master laptop, and then distributing the index.html to any 
managed nodes that get installed with Nginx. So each individual node does 
not contact the Github repo directly to pull the index.html

My question is this, if someone updates the remote .git with a new 
index.html version, is there any way for me to know that this change has 
happened on the remote?? Once the remote has been updated I will need to 
pull in those differences to my local repo. 

I know i can run bash scripts to check HEAD,diff,etc and then do actions 
based on those changes but that requires some kind of periodic check-ins 
and using cron. 

Is there any way conceptually to do this from the remote itself (Im 
guessing not because obviously the remote repo has no idea how many local 
repos there are that are pointing to it)

Wanted to see if anyone else faced this and whats a good solution besides 
using cron which has to be scheduled to run multiple times a day to check 
for updates. 

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