Hey All, 
I've read various git tutorials but still have some open questions 
regarding how repositories & branches should be used.  

Here's the situation i have:

I have a code base "A" which is maintained by external partner. I do 
receive source code updates every few months for it.
Based on the code base "A" I've built another product "B" which I develop.
Then, I use product B as a base for my customers. But each customer has 
it's own small adjustments. Therefore, I maintain separate code base for 
each customer. 
Visually it would look something like this:

    /  /  \  \   
 C  D    F G

Now to the problem:) Every time changes occurs on code base "A" or "B", I 
have a daunting task to merge all changes to other code bases. I am looking 
for a way how to leverage Git to ease this code merge task for me. 

By reading tutorials, I learned a lot. But, still I have fundamental 
question of how my repository/branch structure should look like. Here are 
my questions:

   - Do I need to have repository for each code base? 
      - If yes, how I can perform code merges between different 
   - Should I have one repository with multiple branches? 
      - what should be my master branch? A or B?
      - how should the merge performed? by using *rebase*? 
      - are branches stored on the separate folders?
   - Is there another (better) way for solving the problem?

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