I got the same errors when installing Git- to win 10 pro 160124. 
The solution I found is install Git- and for now it works properly 

On Tuesday, February 2, 2016 at 11:26:05 PM UTC-6, 孙乾程 wrote:
> I'm not a native English speaker. I'm sorry if I didn't explain the 
> problem clearly.
> I'm using Windows 10 Enterprise Insider Preview (I'll use Win10 instead 
> below). Until yesterday, I'm using Win10 build 11102, and Git for Windows 
> works well. But today I upgraded my system to Win10 build 14251, then 
> something wrong happened.
> I opened a "cmd" in my repository and entered "git pull", then a dialog 
> window appeared, saying "Git for Windows has stopped working".
> The version of the git on my system was 2.6.4, and I found out that the 
> latest version was So I downloaded a installer from "
>";. I opened the installer, but as soon as the 
> installation finished, the same error dialog appeared. I closed the dialog, 
> but it appeared again, so I closed it again. I opened a "cmd" and entered 
> "git", of course, it crashes and the error dialog appeared.
> By the way, I installed GitHub for Windows on my system and it crashes too 
> when I pressed the "Sync" button in it.
> In my surprise, GitHub Extension for Visual Studio works correctly.

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