my interest is in creating scripts to build software stored in GIT repos. 
(I am a build engineer)
Brand new to GIT, actually never used it, but now i have to build it.

I just want to 'get' the latest revision of the source code on a branch (or 
master depending on the case), change dir to it, and start make/ant/mvn ...,
If there are several choices, I am looking for the most efficient one.

Case 1: I am on a machine with NO git repository at all (first time 
building that product, or the copy of the repository has been purged). How 
do I get the source code over?  "git clone"?

Case 2: I've got a copy of the repository, from the last time (already 
built at least once, and the directory has not been purged), How do I 
update the source code to be the latest on that branch?
'git pull' ? 'git fetch' ?
Is it better/more efficient to purge the old code and start from scratch?

Thanks in advance

If that helps, I'm mostly on Linux or Unix

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