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> I´m just learning how to use Git and i´m going thru the Git basics.
> I actualling heard about Git from a tutorial for Julia programming. I
> have installed Anaconda2 as well.
> When i got in the part of Recording changes to the Repository and
> gave the command "$ git status" i found a lot of tracked and
> untracked files, a lot of them related to Anaconda 2.
> My first thought was to delete it all, but i didn´t (i´m learning but
> i´m not stupid) and them i decided to track them all. But i´m having
> a error in adding the files. There is a file from 
> AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/.../data_0 that the permision was denied.
> I have to say that i couldn´t download the Anaconda 2 with my Chrome
> and i needed to do it with the FireFox.
> Are this two things related? How should i solve this? 

First things first: what OS are you using?
Please, always, always tell us as many details about your environment
as sensibly possible.

>From that "AppData/Local/Google/Chrome/.../data_0" it looks like this
is happening on Windows.  Am I correct?

Next, if I'm correct, you're most probably doing it wrong: that
"AppData" directory is a "system" Windows directory located in your
home directory which users are not even normally supposed to know about.

Hence I have a hunch that you got some initial bits of the tutorial
wrong and initialized a Git repository directly in your user's "home
directory".  That would explain why Git shows you lots of files as
untracked, and files which may not realistically be kept in a

You should understand that the `git init` (or `git init .`) commands
must be run in the shell only after you have:
1) Created a specific directory for your project;
2) Made that directory current in your shell via using the
   shell's `cd` command.

Something like:

  C:\> cd C:\Users\Felipe\Documents
  C:\Users\Felipe\Documents> mkdir MyProject
  C:\Users\Felipe\Documents> cd MyProject
  C:\Users\Felipe\Documents\MyProject> git init .
  Initialized empty Git repository in C:/Users/Felipe/Documents/MyProject

What to do now?

First, don't do any Git operations!
If you will tell Git to delete a tracked file, Git will do that
without asking.

Very carefully check that you have a directory named ".git" in your
user's home directory.  I'd use something more sensible than Windows
Explorer to do this [1], but if you will switch on showing hidden
and system files in Windows Explorer and then will navigate
directly to C:\Users and then to the folder named after your login
name, that should be fine, too.

Once found, delete that folder directly.

1. http://www.farmanager.com

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