Théo G writes:

> Hello everyone, 
> I would like to know if it is possible to store file elsewhere that in the 
> git folder. 
> Let me explain myself: 
> We use Git a lot and therefore the folder just get bigger and bigger, which 
> slowed everything when we need to make a test or something else and of 
> course we need to keeptrack of every single file, so no cleaning possible! 
> I've seen solution about how it is possible to manage large binary files in 
> Git (which is my problem), like git LFS, git annex, git bigfiles, git-fat, 
> git-media, etc... 
> The fact is I make my research and none of these solutions seem to be 
> perfectly adapted to our development environment. We use Git on Windows and 
> SourceTree as a Visual interface for Git. People here are afraid of command 
> line and I cannot make anything to change the environment. 
> My question is then: 
> Is it possible to store file not on the hard drive but on a local server 
> (like G://), maybe thanks to Git hook? 
> I hope I've been clear and thank you for your response of any kind, tips 
> and questions are welcome!

Am I correct in reading your question as

- Is there some way to use a version control system to store files
  outside of version control?

I'm sorry, but it sounds like you are just about to create more problems
for you... why not simply store the files in question on a windows share
or something similar?

When I've run into similar situations I've usually put the files on a
shared disc and then set up the build system to pull in the correct
files as needed.


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