I have an alias which sequentially clones a set of projects, such as base, 
common, general, and student. Code below is set in my global gitconfig. 
 This works fine for me, cloning into whichever directory I may be 
executing from, but when my colleague executes the same script on windows 
7, the cloned projects are written to his c:\ directory.  Does anyone see a 
means to remedy this with a tweek to this gitconfig or another git setting 
which may be contributing to the issue? 

co = !sh -c 'git checkout'
gettf1 = !sh -c 'git clone 
gettf2 = !sh -c 'git clone 
gettf3 = !sh -c 'git clone 
gettf4 = !sh -c 'git clone 
gettfm = !sh -c 'git gettf1 && git gettf2 && git gettf3 && git gettf4'

usage: c:\myproject> git gettfm
writes all projects to myproject directory where executed

Also, what I really set out to do was clone and checkout specific branches. 
Currently, I use a separate FOR from cmd-line which says: for projects 1 & 
3 checkout myDevBranch. If anyone has a slick clone/checkout script with 
conditional logic for project name I would be most grateful.

Thanks in advance

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