From: Christopher Hardage 

  I am seeking a comprehensive list of git commands that provoke clean and/or 
smudge. I know that git add does so during git checkout (smudge filter) and 
during git add (clean filter) from pages 342-344 in Scott Chacon's “Pro Git.” I 
have surmised that git status also runs the clean filter. After much Googling, 
I cannot find a single reference that gives a comprehensive list of which 
commands provoke these filters. 

  Does someone know of one, or perhaps have better Google-fu and can point me 
to the right resource?

  Christopher Hardage
In general (AFAIUI) they are always used whenever data is moved between the 
worktree (file system) and the repository (object store and index). 

I think that one of the cat-file style commands will do an explicit binary 

However, as a wider question: Why do you need to know?, is there a bigger 
problem that you are trying to solve, an XY Problem 



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