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> Hi,
> I have bunch of branches in a repo. I want to push some file like
> '.travis.yaml' into each branch. Any idea how to do it?
> Thanks

​What OS? I'm a Linux user (almost no Windows except at work). I'd probably
do something like:

current=$(git branch|awk '$1=="*" {print $2;}') #currently checked out
git branch | awk '{print $NF;}'|\
while read branch;do​

    ​git checkout ${branch} || break #stop loop on error
    git add ???
    git commit -m '?????'
git checkout ${current}

I had the loop abort if there there is some problem doing a checkout. If
you're using OSX, the above will likely work. If you are using Windows,
"you're on your own!".

A fail-safe circuit will destroy others. -- Klipstein

Maranatha! <><
John McKown

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