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> Hey Y'all
> I've inherited a project managed by GIT and checked out the
> development base branch (I'll call it '*bridge*') to where work is to
> be done. Added a file or two, fixed a few things and removed some
> others. Now the project manager would like me to commit these changes
> to a different bug branch (I'll call it 'b003')... uuuhhh... OK
> Not be an expert by any means, here's my thoughts for a workflow:
> First, '*git stash*' anything/everything I've done locally. Then,
> re-checkout the 'bridge' (*git checkout bridge*) development base,
> create and checkout the bug branch (git checkout -b b003), publish
> (git publish b003) and then apply the stash (*git stash apply*) to get
> the files I worked into the new bug branch b003. That should put me
> into the position to get everything I've worked on into a staged for
> commit state, and then commit all changes and push everything to the
> repository (git push origin b003). Sorry for the verbosity, in recap :
> *[923]-userame@localhost~$ git stash*
> *[923]-userame@localhost~$ git checkout bridge*
> *[923]-userame@localhost~$ git checkout -b b003*
> *[923]-userame@localhost~$ git publish b003*
> *[923]-userame@localhost~$ git stash apply*
> *[923]-userame@localhost~$ git {various adds & commits of applied stash 
> changes}*
> *[923]-userame@localhost~$ git push origin b003*
> Does that look to be a correct course of action? Any thoughts, input, 
> constructive criticisms etc all welcome and appreciated!

I believe that would work. Personally I would just commit it all to
whatever local branch you happen to be working on and then push it to a
named remote branch:

$ git push remote master:b003

Then you can fix up the local repo afterwards.


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