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Swaroopa Gangadharan <swaroopagangadha...@gmail.com> wrote:

> how to configure a read-only copy of a remote Git repository on a
> local server in bare mode and automatically synchronize its contents.
> I need to configure a mirror of the repository hosted at another
> location and the mirrored repository should automatically perform
> syncing of code at regular intervals.

A mirror clone is done in a very boring way -- by passing the
"--mirror" command-line option to `git clone`.

In this mode, `git clone` will configure the resulting local repository
in such a way that a mere call to `git fetch origin` will do a full
one-way sync with the source remote repository.

Performing synchronization at regular interval is done via scripting
the `git fetch origin` call making your OS's scheduler run this script
using whatever schedule you will configure.

Making the repository read-only is the only tricky part in fact.
This mostly amounts to the fact Git itself does not provide any
authentication and authorization, and -- by extension -- access
control.  To add to the picture, Git repositories may be served using
a multitude of options (HTTP, SSH, Git's own server).

The native Git wire protocol (git://) served by the `git-daemon`
program is already read-only unless you tweak the repository's
configuration (see that program's manual page for exact detais),
so if you intend to serve your repository using `git-daemon`, that's
all you will need to set up.

Otherwise I'd probably recommend to install a simple pre-receive hook
into your repository which would output "Write access denied" to its
standard error stream and exit with a non-zero exit code.  That is,
something as simple as

  printf 'Write access denied\n' >&2
  exit 1

This will reject all pushes from remote repositories right away.

Consult the githooks manual page for more info on hooks.

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