I've been using GIT for a while on windows, but recently my GIT local git 
repository got corrupted and considering what changed recently I think it 
could be one of the following:

1. I moved my src folder from drive C: to drive E: and then created a 
junction back on C: in restore the original folder layout.

2. later I flagged the src folder on E: as compressed and let it compress 
all the sub-folders and files. This also compressed the .git repository

3. I installed TortoiseGIT 2.0.0

After step #2 the git repository was still fine, no errors reported by git 

I did then some commits to that git repo via the C: folder location, using 
TortoiseGit and while at first everything seemed to be fine, I eventually 
saw corruption in that repo, with the following error:

error: sha1 mismatch 83da2ddd8cfe61fd4b41aadb0b127340a6fb4449
error: 83da2ddd8cfe61fd4b41aadb0b127340a6fb4449: object corrupt or missing

I checked the .git folder and inside the /objects/ folder was no /83/ 
sub-folder at all.

Considering that the last step before the corruption was updating 
TortoiseGIT, I think it may have been that version of TortoiseGIT, but I am 
not certain, as I had been in holidays beforehand, so the issue may have 
come in with #2 or even #1 and I only noticed after coming back from 
holidays and updating TortoiseGIT.

My main question is this:

Is there any known issues regarding any of the above that anyone on this 
mailing list is aware of ?

Thanks for your help in advance.

PS: I've updated to TortoiseGIT yesterday, so will see if my new 
local GIT repo shows any problems in the next few days, using that client.

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