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Eli <elirenato2...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to use Git over HTTP but I'm getting the error
> [Wed Apr 06 13:35:15.208592 2016] [cgi:error] [pid 6821] [client ...] 
> AH01215: Not a git repository: '/var/git/repositories/my-project.git'
> On the client side I'm trying this:
> git clone http://myhost.com/git/my-project.git/
> Cloning into 'my-project'...
> fatal: repository 'http://myhost.com/git/my-project.git/' not found
> On the server side:
> The Apache Server is the version 2.4 and It has this configuration:
> SetEnv GIT_PROJECT_ROOT /var/git/repositories
> ScriptAlias /git/ /usr/lib/git-core/git-http-backend/
> <Directory "/usr/lib/git-core">
>     Options +ExecCGI
>     Require all granted
> </Directory>
> The project root rirectory /var/git/repositories has the
> my-project.git directory that was initialized with the command git
> --bare init my-project.git. I also change the owner of the
> my-project.git directory to be the same as apache, so, chown -R
> apache:apache /var/git/repositories/my-project.git.
> Could you please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong? What I
> missed?
> my git version is 1.9.1

Well, the error message you're observing in the Apache error log is
generated in the Git's http-backend.c when a call to function
enter_repo() which consumes a pathname and a flag and, if that flag is
unset, tries to locate the actual Git object database "ahcnored" at
that pathname.

In the http-backend.c this function is called with that flag unset
and it's called before a check is made for whether the repository is

So let's study the comment attached to enter_repo():

 * First, one directory to try is determined by the following algorithm.
 * (0) If "strict" is given, the path is used as given and no DWIM is
 *     done. Otherwise:
 * (1) "~/path" to mean path under the running user's home directory;
 * (2) "~user/path" to mean path under named user's home directory;
 * (3) "relative/path" to mean cwd relative directory; or
 * (4) "/absolute/path" to mean absolute directory.
 * Unless "strict" is given, we check "%s/.git", "%s", "%s.git/.git", "%
 * in this order. We select the first one that is a valid git
repository, and
 * chdir() to it. If none match, or we fail to chdir, we return NULL.
 * If all goes well, we return the directory we used to chdir() (but
 * before ~user is expanded), avoiding getcwd() resolving symbolic
 * links.  User relative paths are also returned as they are given,
 * except DWIM suffixing.
const char *enter_repo(const char *path, int strict)

To me, that part about chdir() looks interesting.  I'd say that for
some reason the git-http-backend process running with the credentials
of your web server fails to chdir() there.

So the first thing I'd try is to do

  # su -l apache -s /bin/dash
  $ cd /var/git/repositories/my-project.git

and see if that works OK.

The next thing to try would be more involved debugging.
I'd write a shell script reading

  set -e -u
  echo "$@" >"$FNAME"
  id  >>"$FNAME"
  set >>"$FNAME"
  exec /usr/bin/git-http-backend "$@"

, make it executable and stick it instead of the real Git HTTP backend
by adjusting the appropriate <Directory> entry of your Apache's
virtual host configuration.

Then I'd try accessing the repository and see whatever was output into
the temporary file -- to make sure the backend sees the correct
environment, has the expected credentials and receives sensible
command-line options.

...and while we're at it, what OS are you using?
Some sort of RH/Fedora/Centos?

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