I have two branches and I would like to merge them.
I have merge conflicts in more thousand files, but most of these have no 
difference in file compare.
I'm using Windows 7 Pro with Git Extensions to work locally, repo server is 
Debian 8.
- Debian 8 git version: 2.6.0
- Windows 7 git version: 2.6.3.windows.1

There might to be two kind of problems here:
1) DOS & Unix linefeed differences
2) file permissions are different

There are thousand of files, so doing this merge conflict solving one by 
one is a nightmare.

- Is there a solution to fix permissions to 755 for directories and 644 for 
files automatically?
- Is there a solution to convert linefeeds from DOS to Unix for files 
- Is there any way to do these fixes for the initial commit? (Because I 
would like to connect two separate branches one over other using fast 
forward merge).

Thanks your advices,

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