Kevin Wholley <> writes:
> I would like to see a history of any branch that merges into another 
> branch. For example I have master as my production code. I also have a 
> build branch and several development branches. When a development branch is 
> ready to build we merge into our build branch. At this point this command 
> is fine "git branch --merged" however, when the development branch changes 
> and the commit point moves this command does not list the branch(s) that 
> merged to the build branch. I need to know all the changes merged in from 
> the dev branches to the build branch regardless if the commit point 
> changes, kind of like a full history of the build branch. Is this possible? 
> How is it done?

If I understand you correctly, I think "git log --graph <branch name>"
will show you the history of the chosen branch with all merges going
into it.  What it doesn't do is label which ancestory commits are "part
of which branches".  In Git, that isn't a well-defined concept; commits
exist in a directed acyclic graph, and branches are pointers to
commits.  So the commit "my-branch^" doesn't *belong* to my-branch,
though in fact that commit may be reachable only from the commit

(Though it would help if "git log --graph" would label commits that are
branch heads.)


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