Hi There,

I am a big fan of GIT and uses it for most of my projects. I have heard 
about force push since long ago but haven't tried it ever as it's 
destructive command. Few days ago, One of my team mate done force push and 
we lost entire history of commit from the remote machine. Hopefully we have 
the up to date local branch in other developer's machine so things came 
back to normal in few hours. However, I surprised to see that I couldn't 
trace the person who did it. I did the force push by myself in one of fake 
repo and I noticed there isn't any alert/notification is given by GIT to 
user that be CAREFUL with it. It really helps to alert person before 
executing destructive command.

I have googled on how to identify the person who did force push and 
So isn't there any out of the box mechanism to get to know the villain here.


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