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> Hi guys.
> I've installed Git for Windows from https://git-scm.com/ and after 
> installation I can use git cmd or git bash.
> I believe that `cmd` is command line from windows and `bash` - the
> same from linux. I can't find the difference in use. Except some
> colors and autocomplete with double-tab in `bash`.
> What the main differences between them?  What the point to add linux 
> command line in windows client?

The first thing to point out is that the Windows port of the bash shell
is required by Git itself to function because certain its commands are
implemented as POSIX shell scripts and naturally need a
POSIX-compatible shell in order to be executed.

Sure, the devs might have kept the bash shell not exposed but as a
matter of fact I think that saying 100% of the Git for Windows
developers use Windows as their second system (for a $dayjob) won't be
an overestimation, and some of them wanted to bring their "Unix habits"
to the foreign platform.
Doing that was relatively cheap and so they did that.

The second thing to note is that you're not required to ever start Git
Bash or Git Cmd -- most developers appear to tick the installer's box
"Make Git available via the system PATH" anyway (and that setting
became the default two GfW releases away) and run Git from their shell
of choice.  I mean, it's okay to start cmd or PowerShell or a 3rd-party
solution such as conemu, cmder, a combination of the two, tccle shell,
Console2, FAR etc and then type "git" here -- Git merely requires
something adhering to the Windows Win32 console API in order to work.

One last thing to note is that while working with Git in a "native" Git
console is okay (I, for one, prefer this to Git bash) sometimes the
tools typically available in such console don't cut the job needed to
be done.  This often occurs when you want to do any relatively
complicated repo surgery using `git filter-branch`.

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