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> My requirement is that when somebody creates a branch and tries to
> merge with master , i need to put some validations at that point of
> time . Whatever branch name user creates should be a existing JIRA
> issue and other parameters from JIRA like if the issue is in open
> state or not have to be checked .
> I tried to use Git and JIRA add on but that doesn't serve my goal . So
> i decided to download git source code and tweak the code as per my
> requirement but my problem is i am from java background , and i have
> no idea about this C code . So i am not able to find - Suppose if i
> create a branch which file gets executed and if i put some log in any
> particular file where the log file gets generated .
> What my visualization is - i would be writing code in one particular
> file of git project , which gets triggered when user tries to merge in
> master . In that particular file i would read the branch name i am
> trying to integrate and check if the same name exists in JIRA as a
> issue or not .
> So please help or guide on this. Thanks in advance . 

It sounds like you need to look into hooks:


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