Hello everyone

i just installed the last version of git (2.8.1) for windows7 from the 
official site, but when i run git-bash and type somme commands in the cmd, 
the screen doesn't updated correctly when i delete somme chars from the 
line command. in contrary when i click the (del)'s key a space char is 
added to the display instead of deleting the chars from the screen.

for example :

*cd /d/formationss*

if i want delete the two last 's' of 'formationss' with the (del) key of 
keyboard , what i see is :

*cd /d/formationss__*

instead of deleting the two 's' space's chars are added. but things work 
perfectly on background, the delete command is work the problem concern 
only the displaying issue .

i tried to reinstall the software but still doesn't work.

i well be grateful for your help, thank you for your time and consideration 
and so sorry for my bad english

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