I'm not familiar with git, but can the same tag be moved around on several 
branches and a history is kept which position on the branch it's been 
pinned too before?

I have 4 customers on the same program but on different versions. e.g 
Customer A, Customer B etc.


Customer A has version 10 of helloworld.cpp

Customer B has version 4 of helloworld.cpp


Customer B requires an urgent hot fix on top of version 4 for 
helloworld.cpp and can’t take the latest version 10.

Using this setup in mind,



 Is it possible to setup git to show at a glance which version they are all 
up too?

and using tags to keep track of the earlier versions which was released to 
customers. So that I can determine quickly which version Customer B had 
before it had version 4, so that I can quickly roll back if necessary to 
their earliest version?


I have searched for tag examples for a commit but havent seen any setup 
which moves tags across branches etc or an organised way of doing it.




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