Hello guys,

I've experienced some projects to develop application which use git.
Each of projects has more or less different way how to operate git.
However I'm confusing how often commit to branch and what is best unit of 

Some project team don't care how to use git not only for commit but 

They commit something as new one every time.

But git history become complex and it's not understandable when checked git 
I think trivial commits message is not necessary.

In one of open-source projects as my past experience, there was rule that 
basically one feature is one commit.
If something modification is required after source code review by team 
reader, I don't do added commit. I redo as same commit to use reset.
git reset --soft HEAD~
git commit -am "same message"
git push xxxx xxxxxx

I know, it's troublesome, that's why I'm using alias as below.
$ git config --global alias.recm '!f(){ cmt=$(git log -n 1 
--pretty=format:%s);git reset --soft HEAD~;git commit -am "${cmt}";};f'
$ git recm

Sorry, I digressed.

My question is what is best practice of commit.

Thanks in advance.

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