Kirthi Paruchuri <> writes:

> Hi,
> I need some guidance on GIT
> I have a requirement where we have to call a web service and send an
> email when some one clones master branch. Is there any way I can check
> or continuously poll GIT data store to see if any clones have happened
> on the master branch. Or even is there anyway I can check GIT data
> store to see if any new clones or branches are created?
> I really appreciate your help on this

AFAIK there is no direct way to do this with git. There's a client-side
hook, post-checkout, that could be used, but then you rely on users not
messing around with it.

I think you also need to get a slightly better grasp of how git works; a
repository is cloned, a branch is checked out ;)

>From your question I'm guessing you work in a somewhat large
organisation where management feels a need to control where the source
code ends up. Personally I think such management will find git difficult
to deal with.


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