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Moi <myon...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Can we make use of Git to implement White Label concept?
> Eg, I have a product that are sold to customer A and customer B. If 
> customer B needs to customize on some screens which customer A
> doesn't need, how do I implement the white label using Git?

This task is not specific to Git and is commonly known as "vendor
branches", so just google this term.

In short, and in the simplest case, you have a branch which contains
the "pristine" version of your codebase -- that is, with no
per-customer customizations.  Then for each customer you have their own
branch forked off that "pristine" branch.
These per-customer branches contain customer-specific customizations and
receive "integration merges" from the "pristine" branch when needed --
typically when a new bug fix or a feature gets implemented there.

Sure, the scheme could be more complicated like maintaining several
"pristine" branches when different customers having different versions
of your codebase deployed to them but the basic idea holds.

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