On Tuesday, April 26, 2016 at 4:07:38 AM UTC-7, Leonidas Savvides wrote:
> Basically to upgrade Git CLI bash to new version - I have to uninstall it 
> and install the new version? correct?
> Repositories are independent and should still work correct?
> reply 
> ALL Correct /// No the is Not

if you are doing something like compiling from source, what I did was 
rename the old binary in /usr/bin , then the newly created one does not 
cause name conflict and in case something goes wrong you still have a 
working copy (or simply install to /usr/local/bin -> your system will give 
preference to the binary appearing in the directory that is listed first in 
your $PATH. i.e.: if  /usr/local/bin comes first, you will be using it )
If you you any sort of package management, doing your system's version 
update should do the trick

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