To put this in perspective, I'm a sysadmin, not a developer.  While I've 
used git for a couple of years, until yesterday, I could easily count the 
number of times I issued a 'git branch' command.

I'm practicing setting up a new puppet 4 server and, after some research, 
I've got various environments under git management and have successfully 
'promoted code' from test through production.  It's a wee bit tedious but 
I'm sure I could get used to it.

What I'm looking for is verification that the process I came up with is 
somewhat close to right and/or make suggestions on any improvements.  I 
know there are automated tools to help with this process; however, as 
someone who automates processes for a living, I like to understand the 
process before attempting to automate it (go figure).

So, bit of a build up.  Here's what I have:

one git repo covering all puppet environments thusly::

# git branch -r
  origin/HEAD -> origin/master

On a different system, one pulls the test system, develops code, commits, 
pushes, etc.  In the test environment, the admin pulls the updated work and 

# pwd
# git branch
* test

once the tests are complete, a responsible admin accesses the dev 
environment and executes:

git checkout test 
git pull # if necessary
git checkout dev
git merge test

Process iterates through the environments to prod.  

# git log --oneline
e298de7 prod.rst: mved from uat
07f3ab1 uat: merged from qa
a20a85c qa: mved from dev
2f644f2 dev: renamed from test
c8c067b test: added
a432124 puppet production environment initial check in

Like I said, bit tedious; but, it works...

Thanks for any hints/tips/suggestion.  

Doug O'Leary

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