Jeremy Yang <> writes:
> When I executed the "git clone git://url -b  branch" cmd by multi-thread(40 
> threads) at the same time,several cloned failures would often occur.
> However,the max-connections is setted to zero which is for no limit.
> *Git-daemon CMD:*
> /usr/bin/git daemon --verbose --syslog --reuseaddr 
> --base-path=/home/user/repositories --max-connections=0
> *Client Log:*
> remote: fatal: unable to create thread: Resource temporarily unavailable

The max-connections setting may be unlimited, but that doesn't mean that
the server daemon can create an enormous number of threads.  The last
quoted line is the client reporting that the server reported that it
could not create a new thread.  There are many reasons why that might
happen.  One possibility is that the server system ran out of RAM and
swap space.  Another possibility is that the user running the server
process has a low quota of processes that it is allowed to create.


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