From: "Konstantin Khomoutov" <>
On Mon, 23 May 2016 17:33:49 -0700
Michael <> wrote:

>> The Index is also commonly called the *staging area* when viewed
>> from an outward facing perspective (i.e. what do users do), with
>> index being more commonly used for an inward facing perspective
>> (e.g. for code development). > > Thanks; I've added "staging area" to my guide. > >> There is currently a truce about which is the 'right name'! > > And there's a third contender: "the cache". > > Of course we can't agree on the terminology to use!

Clearly, we need a 4th term that encompasses all of them, and is the
universal standard :-)

IIUC, since some time Git promotes the "staging area" to be best
accessible to mere mortals.  The term "cache" is the oldest and it's
clearly an implementation detail [1].


even better `git help -g`, and then `git help glossary` says:


Obsolete for: index.



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