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  Dear Philip, Others,

  Thanks a lot. I have some follow-up questions.

  I am using a simple scenario to get additional clarity.

  1) I have 4 files in my branch (a,b,c,d)
  2) I modify a
  3) I add a
  4) I modify b,c
  5) I add b,c
  6) I commit
  7) I modify d
  8) I commit d
  9) I push to remote

  Does step 6) above result in single commit object (single SHA reference) or 

  From a developer engineer's perspective, what does commit signify? Does it 
mean something key development is complete?
  I ask this question to understand when a developer would do some development 
but would make multiple commits.

  Similarly, if during push step, if it is found that remote is ahead of local 
(and most likely requires merging) then does it mean anything wrt to the 
already computed SHA?
  I assume that already computed SHA has no meaning.


At step 6, the commit, you will get a single "commit object sha1" created.

Hidden beneath that commit object is a number of subservient object sha1's of 
different types, e.g. the those of the tree's that complete the overall 
snapshot, but as others have said these are small details.


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