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jupiter <jupiter....@gmail.com> wrote:

>  Thanks for the responses, I figured out that I can get a specific
> revision number based on the commit hash:
> $ git describe --tag 412dd75428226d10044e80e741addecb24dbedb5
> 2.2.0-git-7645-g412dd75
> I can clone the specific revision source from Ansible using
> --version=2.2.0-git-7645-g412dd75, but how can I clone that revision
> source from git command? It failed at following command, apparently
> git clone does not have an option --version, what is the equivalent
> option for --version?
> $ git clone --version 2.2.0-git-7645-g412dd75
> https://github.com/videolan/vlc.git
> error: unknown option `version'

Impossible with `git clone` as it's tailored for the most common case
which is "get everything".
You need a two-step operation:

  git init vlc
  cd vlc
  git fetch https://github.com/videolan/vlc.git \

This command will create a local branch "mybranch" which tip commit
will be that one identified by that SHA-1 hash.

Also note that there's no concept of "version" in Git.  Git only deals
with direct names of commits (those hashes) and "refs" -- short for
"references" -- which are branches and tags.  Those are named
references to commits so, in effect, they are merely human-friendly
aliases for commit names.

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